Microstrategy Will Pressent Solutions on Lightning Network in 2023

Microstrategy will present solutions on Lightning Network in 2023

In 2023, Microstrategy will present a number of solutions based on the Lightning Network (LN) bitcoin network. This was stated by the founder and executive chairman of the company Michael Seilor.

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– Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) December 28, 2022

He said that Microstrategy is studying the software based on LN. In particular, the company is interested in decisions focused on the safety of websites and corporate marketing.

A separate team is engaged in the development of tools on the basis of the network. Seilor said that she will be able to demonstrate the first developments already in the first quarter of http://btcnews.fun/2023/01/04/where-to-buy-qnt-crypto/ 2023.

According to Seilor, the marketing team can use LN in customer incentives programs. For example, pay through a network of remuneration for participation in certain activities like polls.

The founder of Microstrategy said that the company is interested in creating solutions that allow any enterprise to “deploy” the infrastructure “in half a day” necessary for interaction with Lightning Network.

According to Seilor, on the basis of LN you can build tools that protect websites from attacks. The concept involves the integration of the peeling, requiring the portal visitors to introduce a certain deposit to the BTC, which will be returned after the session is completed.

Recall that the plans for the development of corporate decisions on the basis of LN, Sailor first reported in September 2022.